Want to create new short links in bulk? Or do you already have a large number of links and want to update them more efficiently? Then Yohn's CSV file upload function is exactly what you need.

The CSV file you will be uploading to Yohn should only contain 2 columns. The first should have the header "source" and contain short URL paths without a domain name.

The second column should have the header "target" and contain full destination URLs.

Here's an example of what the CSV supported by Yohn looks like:


We have also created a sample spreadsheet in Google Sheets. You can create a copy of it, fill in the columns with your links and export the table as a CSV file. 

As soon as you have your CSV file ready, do the following:

  1. Open your Yohn dashboard, go to "Tools" . 
  2. Click the "Import CSV"  button and select the CSV file you created.
  3. Upon completion of the import, you will be redirected to the report page with an overview of import results.